• What Should You Expect During Your Skin Cancer Check?

    If you have a family history of melanoma, burn easily, or have used tanning beds in the past, you may want to visit a dermatologist for a yearly skin cancer check. This exam is quick and painless, but it's a great preventative measure to catch cancer early. The earlier skin cancer is caught, the easier it is to treat generally. Read on to see what you should expect during your appointment and what you should do before and after your appointment.
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  • The Very Important Element That All Skin Cancer Treatments Share

    Skin cancer can come in a variety of forms and severity, much of which comes down to genetics, level of exposure, and previous medical history. To compete with these varieties of skin cancer, there are numerous skin cancer treatments out there, and they each have their own benefits and disadvantages depending on what type of cancer you have. However, one thing all skin cancer treatments have in common is clear: the earlier you get yourself in for treatment, the higher your chances of a successful procedure.
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