The Very Important Element That All Skin Cancer Treatments Share

Posted on: 13 January 2022


Skin cancer can come in a variety of forms and severity, much of which comes down to genetics, level of exposure, and previous medical history. To compete with these varieties of skin cancer, there are numerous skin cancer treatments out there, and they each have their own benefits and disadvantages depending on what type of cancer you have. However, one thing all skin cancer treatments have in common is clear: the earlier you get yourself in for treatment, the higher your chances of a successful procedure. Here are a few skin cancer treatments and why early detection and treatment is key.


Cryotherapy is a very popular skin cancer treatment that utilizes extreme cold to freeze skin cancer cells and then remove them with very little pain and damage to the surrounding tissue. This is perfect for skin cancers that are almost entirely external and can be done very quickly and easily. However, this is most effective when cancer has not metastasized or grown to the point where there could be a lot of blood loss or pain during the procedure, which is why getting in early, as soon as you notice an odd or growing freckle or mole,  is key. 

Surgical Removal

Surgical removal of skin cancer happens when it is a rarer form or one that is deeper and affects more layers of skin. That may not mean it is any more dangerous than a surface-level skin cancer, but it does mean that it can spread quite quickly if you are not careful. That is why even if the growth or mole looks small, it does not mean it is not dangerous. Much like an iceberg, much of the overall volume and danger could be out of sight, and the longer you wait the more the risk of it spreading through the body grows.


You might not realize it but chemotherapy can also be used for skin cancer as well. In this case, getting in early can help reduce the number of drugs that are circulated through the body, as if the skin cancer remains mostly on the outer parts of your skin then you can use external creams. Chemotherapy can be very effective when it is used early for those who may be ineligible for other treatments, but that does not mean you should or can wait longer to try and get treated. Being proactive is vital, no matter which skin cancer treatments you receive.