What You Are Eating May Be Helping, or Hurting, Your Skin

Posted on: 25 April 2017


Do you struggle with acne or breakouts? It could be what you are eating. Ironically, just as eating the wrong foods will cause skin issues, eating the right foods may reduce the severity and frequency of acne. 

Foods that help your skin:

  • The fiber in oatmeal contributes to younger-looking skin.
  • Dark chocolate can give your skin a healthy glow, due to the antioxidants. However, if eaten in excess, the fat can aggravate and cause breakouts.
  • For softer skin, eat a diet rich in walnuts or walnut oil.
  • Sunflower seeds can help brighten your skin's appearance.
  • Green tea is great for reducing puffiness and smoothing your skin.
  • Yogurt and fresh peppers help prevent wrinkles and laugh-lines.

Foods that cause breakouts:

  • While yogurt can help acne, other dairy can cause skin issues. Cheese, for instance, is commonly blamed for breakouts. Furthermore, cow's milk and products made from cow's milk, like ice cream, is converted to sugar in the body and is often filled with hormones, which can cause acne.
  • Rice is a high-glycemic food which can lead to breakouts. 
  • Refined sugars, syrups, sweets, and sodas all are considered taboo for individuals that struggle with acne.
  • High-fat foods like pizza, potato chips, French fries, and fast-food can wreak havoc with your skin, causing pimples and blemishes fairly-soon after consuming them.

Some other tips to avoid acne include:

  • The jury is out on whether spicy foods provoke or resolve acne; this typically depends on the individual, their hormones, and their personal metabolism.
  • Got a pesky pimple? Eat kidney beans, which are full of zinc, to heal acne and prevent new pimples from popping-up.
  • Make sure you are drinking plenty of water to flush toxins and keep your skin looking fresh and smooth. Skip sugary sodas and juices in lieu of water, flat or sparkling, to maintain a clear complexion.
  • Avoid using towels, lotions, or cosmetics that others have used. If your skin is sensitive or prone to acne, these items can spread bacteria which can lead to a serious breakout.

If you want to prevent or cure an acne breakout, take a closer look at what you are putting into your body. The foods that you eat and don't eat play a significant role in the severity and frequency of breakouts and in maintaining a clear, smooth complexion. Click here to read more and talk with your dermatologist about other foods and tips to help you maintain better-looking skin.