2 Procedures A Dermatologist May Offer To Help You Get Firmer Skin

Posted on: 20 July 2016


Time, habits, and gravity can gradually rob the youthful appearance from your skin, and it can be hard to fight these things in life. This can leave you with skin that is droopy, wrinkly, and old-looking, but you do not have to settle for this. If you want skin that is firmer and nicer, you can visit a dermatologist. Here are three different services that may help you get skin that looks younger and that is firmer and healthier.


If you are looking for a way to firm up the skin under your chin and on your neck, you may want to look into Ultherapy. This is a newer method used for targeting these tough areas on the body, and it offers great results. Ultherapy is a procedure that is non-invasive, and it is completed through an ultrasound. It can be painful to go through; however, some people are able to do it without any anesthesia.

The machine used to perform the ultrasound to your skin is capable of reaching the deep, inner layers of your skin. As the machine is aimed at your skin, it basically destroys the collagen in your skin. The goal of this is to force your body to produce new collagen layers, and this is what causes the change in the way your skin looks and feels.

After you have this done, there really is no downtime, but you may experience some redness, swelling, and bruising. These effects will typically go away within a few days, though. The entire process may take up to 60 minutes to complete, and you may need to have this procedure completed up to three times to experience the best results from it. In addition, you may need to have this completed once a year to keep your skin as firm as possible.

Ultherapy is viewed as a non-surgical facelift. This is because it does not require cutting into your skin, yet it can offer very good results.


Thermage is a second procedure you may be able to have completed by a dermatologist that is designed specifically for tightening skin. Thermage is useful on most parts of the face and neck, but it can be very effective for skin around the eyes. It uses radio frequency energy to achieve the goal and desired results, and this occurs with the use of a special machine.

The doctor must prepare your skin before completing the procedure by cleaning it thoroughly. After this, the doctor will aim the machine at the areas of your skin he or she is targeting. This will deliver pulses of energy, and these pulses can be very hot. The point of this is to target the collagen in your skin. As this happens, it destroys the collagen (just like the first procedure), and this encourages your body to make new layers.

This procedure can be painful but does not usually require anesthesia. Your doctor is likely to test it out on you to see how well you can handle it. If you need anesthesia, the doctor can offer it to you.

The good part about this procedure is that it offers results that typically last for six months. There is very little downtime afterwards; however, you may feel sore and experience swelling and redness.

Both of these procedures offer similar results, but they both use different methods to achieve these results. If you would like to find out more about methods available for tightening the skin on your face or neck, you should contact a dermatologist in your area today to schedule an appointment to learn more.